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Premium 57 Futura Vintage Font

When you listen to the words vintage, you could link it in the beginning with old, out-of-date, or stylish and timeless. However, vintage is never truly a poor point in the context of typography. If you do not believe us, consider the logos of Harley Davidson and Buck Cutting Club! Both of these brands perfectly implement vintage fonts to instill in the audiences the idea of eternity, significant standing and also respect for the brand name’s extensive background.

If you want your brand name to accomplish the same influence, look at 57-Futura, a classic typeface. Forrest stumbled upon the suggestion of curating the font style while undergoing an old publication from 1957. He discovered a rough typeset with lots of ink-slip, which he believed could make a tremendous distressed variation of the classic Futura typeface. Scanned and set up by selecting the letters that split the difference between distressed and distinctive from the publication pages, 57-Futura was born.

Complete with uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and diacritical marks; the typeface is an obvious choice for any layout that seeks to acquire the magic of days gone by and an actual printed appearance, such as magazines, newsletters, posters, book covers, and much more.

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Format: OTF
Size: 4 MB
Author: Jason Forrest

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