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Premium Sinkin Sans Font

Sinkin Sans is a primary, understandable, and classy sans serif typeface provided in all nine standard web weights, i.e., 100– 900, consisting of italics. Sinkin Sans is designed with small, low-profile notches that penetrate verticals at the crossways of strokes, adding highlights to busy corners. The lacerations make right angles appear sharper and enhance meaning in more detailed personalities. It was initially created for K-Type’s website redesign as an internet font style.

Therefore, we provide Sinkin Sans font with good quality, so you can save this font as your design asset. You can easily display the results of your designs by using Photoshop.

Feel free to download this font

Format: OTF
Size: 8 MB
Author: K-Type

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Premium Sinkin Sans Font (10 downloads)

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