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Premium Single Square Flyer Mockup

Leaflets are one of the most sure-fire and oldest advertising and marketing devices available. We go to this factor all utilized to obtain brochures almost everywhere; in stores, on the streets, in mailboxes, etc.

However, the essential question is if they are still efficient in this digital world. The answer that we, along with numerous entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and local business owners, have thought of is YES, but they should be good flyers. We have made this free solitary square flyer mockup available to produce an excellent and captivating leaflet discussion quickly.

It includes 6 scenes in different shots/angles on a high-quality plain background that will certainly aid you in attaining your preferred outcome. You can pick to paste and display your graphics on a scene with one or multiple leaflets via a brilliant challenge to personalize as much as feasible.

Therefore, we provide single square flyer mockup with good resolution, so you can save this mockup as your design asset. You can easily display the results of your designs by using the smart object feature in Photoshop. You can also change the background color according to your taste.

Feel free to download this mockup

Format: PSD
Size: 281 MB
Author: Mockups Design

Download “Premium Single Square Flyer Mockup” uc – Downloaded 189 times – 2 KB

Premium Single Square Flyer Mockup (189 downloads)

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