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Premium Pair of Socks Mockup

If you get on a limited schedule or do not know what to purchase for somebody as a present, then a pair of socks is an excellent way to go, and a couple of socks is precisely what we’re offering you today! With this brand-new mockup, you will undoubtedly be able to share your artwork for the socks and your designs for the label/tag.

Blast your colors and place your styles for the socks, from patterns to famous pop-relevant artwork, as well as whatever in between. Concentrate on your branding discussions and logo designs using elegant colors and easy socks designs. Given that the mockup is supplied in PSD style, the long socks presented and a wood background from a top viewpoint can quickly hold your graphics and display them realistically, thanks to the layers of clever things.

Therefore, we provide pair of socks mockup with good resolution, so you can save this mockup as your design asset. You can easily display the results of your designs by using the smart object feature in Photoshop. You can also change the background color according to your taste.

Feel free to download this mockup

Format: PSD
Size: 43 MB
Author: Design Bolts

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Premium Pair of Socks Mockup (728 downloads)

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